Malware Injecting Torrent Mirrors

While ISPs in the UK and other countries are blocking file sharing websites such as The Pirate Bay, movie-lovers have different alternatives to circumvent these restrictions. One popular way to overcome the filtering is using mirrors.

Torrent mirrors are essentially reverse proxies, which are forwarding HTTP traffic between the UK and the original sites hosted elsewhere. Data supposed be left intact and the only difference should be the address in the URL bar.

This experiment proves however that 99.7% of the tested BitTorrent mirrors are injecting additional JavaScript into the web browsing traffic. A great share of these scripts serve content with malicious intent such as malware and click-fraud.

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We’re Here to Make Things Secure

While Hacking Team was cleaning up the mess, security professionals were raging on Twitter. The company was publicly shamed for its bad passwords, worse reaction and questionable business practices on social media.

But was it really necessary to post random screenshots of private emails from the 400 Gb pack, totally out of context? Or mock HT employees because of something they already knew? Dumping their source code on GitHub?

Thoughts on the recent breach at Hacking Team, privacy and responsible behavior of security professionals

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